Summer 2017 Still Going Strong @ Bungalow

Summer's not over yet and we're keeping the heat turned up for what's going to be our best summer weekend yet! Don't miss the unbelievable Labor Day lineup at Bungalow Beach!

New for 2017!

Another Bungalow Beach Exclusive!

Our brand new pool and swim-up bar keeps you at the center of the party all day and all night long.

Bring your suit and experience Atlantic City's best summer beach club the way you're supposed to - keeping it wet and wild!
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The heat and energy of South Beach and Ibiza blends seamlessly with the NYC/Philly music and entertainment scene at the Jersey Shore this summer.

Bungalow Beach is the hottest place to be in 2017!

No other beach club comes close to the vibe at Bungalow Beach. This is how you do summer - the food, the drinks, the music, and the crowd all come together to create the perfect experience day or night.
Only in Atlantic City, only at Bungalow Beach.
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